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Pregnancy Health: Keeping Gums Healthy


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With morning sickness and cravings that aren’t always the most nutrcioius, it’s easy for our teeth to feel a little neglected during pregnancy, but it doesn’t take much to help us maintain the perfect smile for when our little ones grace the world.

As hormonal changes affect our gums during pregnancy, women can become at risk of suffering from dental disease, and with research revealing a link between gum disease and lower-weighing babies at birth, it’s essential we do our best to keep our mouth healthy.

Dr. Teresa Day, founder and clinical director of the Appledore Dental Clinic, has found that ‘Hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect the gums and the support of the teeth, so you may notice that your gums are swollen and bleed more than normal. It’s important that you attend the hygienist regularly in this period to ensure that you maintain a healthy mouth.’

However, the last thing many of us want to do while suffering with morning sickness is put a toothbrush in our mouths, but ironically, it’s more essential than ever, as the stomach acid that arrives when we have morning sickness can erode our teeth. If even the thought of a toothbrush makes your stomach turn, don’t worry; there are ways of getting around the toothbrush-blues.

Try brushing at the times of the day you generally feel less sick. If this still doesn’t seem to work, then swap your brush for a smaller one and use a fluoride mouthwash three times a day to keep food debris and plaque away, both of which can lead to bad breath and cavities.

Dr. Teresa Day also states that ‘once your baby is born, get back to good habits quickly. You still will have some hormonal inconsistencies which can affect your oral health while you are breastfeeding, so make sure you are back to regular brushing. If you have bleeding gums, get them checked out quickly. Early intervention is the key to preventing tooth loss.’

The best method of maintaining your teeth is by attending a dentists on a regular basis, but if you want to learn more about looking after your children’s teeth or about the Appledore Dental Clinic you can visit  or call 08443 756 332 for the Bracknell Clinic or 08448 151 410 for Milton Keynes.