LOVE and WARdrobe

Promoter of the Month: Gem Allen

A fox is easily recognised by its vibrant-red fur and bushy tail, most commonly spotted during the night time. Cleverly cunning, the fox knows the events of the night, maintaining a glamorous appearance and slinky walk at all times. Add the dimension of a precious stone, and you will get Foxx Gem Allen, socialite and member of girl band Stonefoxx.

Hosting weekly parties at some of the West End’s most sought-after clubs, Gem never goes unnoticed with her voluminous electric-red hair, gaining attention from everyone from celebrities to the paparazzi. Regularly appearing in magazines and newspapers alongside some of London’s most notorious party-animals, Gem knows the celebrity circuit inside out, and is far from camera-shy, in fact, her favourite pose is the ‘peace and pout’. She can often be seen doing this while dancing on the chairs at the table specially designated to her and her fellow partiers, her ‘light bulbs’. ‘I call them my light bulbs because of their bright blonde hair’, she laughs, although her friends are accustomed to her cheeky sense of humour.