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Baby Named FIFA After World Cup Fever


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A football-mad couple have named their baby 'FIFA' after the football organisation that runs the World Cup.

The baby girl, born in Johannesburg, South Africa was named after the sporting governing body Fédération Internationale de Football Association, known in the UK as FIFA. Another baby has been named after the World Cup slogan for ‘it is time’ – ‘Ke Nako’.

It isn’t unusual for babies to be named after footballers or football teams, with Beckham and Chelsea being the most notable, but it seems a new baby-name trend is emerging.

Many of us parents view our babies as trophies, but it seems some parents in South Africa are taking this a bit further by celebrating the World Cup naming their children after teams, slogans and football associations.

Instead of the old-fashioned route of dressing children in a football kit, twins Bafana (South Africa’s nickname) and Mexico Venter were both born during the South Africa- Mexico 1-1 draw match, which is definitely a more remarkable way of remembering an event than a programme. 

With weeks still left until World Cup final, there is sure to be many more footballing-named babies – let’s just hope they turn out to enjoy the football!