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Beauty Bootcamp

Looking stunning is not simply skin -deep. Behind every toned silhouette lays years of committed exercising and more ‘no thank you’s’ to delicious food than we would like to imagine. Without the aid of airbrushing or flattering lighting, gorgeousness requires a lot of mental strength and determination. Hours working out at the gym every week isn’t for the lazy or light-hearted, and training the brain to step away from a tasty treat can be even more of a chore when at Nobu. Sometimes all we really want is to be at the seaside, soaking up the sun’s rays and dipping our manicured toenails into tropical sands.

The solution? Amansala Bikini Bootcamp- a fitness resort which allows you to tone up on the beach while rewarding yourself with a beautiful holiday.

An increasing rate of celebrities are attending the Amansala Bikini Bootcamp in Mexico to regain fitness, both physically and mentally. Running alongside the Rivera Maya in Tulum, the bootcamp hosts a vigorous, yet relaxing exercise programme that can lose you 10 pounds per week. However, Amansala isn’t about sweating it out in mud to army style commands, nor is it about eliminating food groups from your diet. Instead, the programme combines a series of meditation, yoga, circuit training, core strengthening exercises and pampering therapies alongside the beach to create the perfect bikini in just 6 days. The only mud involved, in fact, is the Mayan all-body mud pack offered to cleanse the pores.

Unlike many fitness resorts, Amansala is especially designed for those who want to prepare for a lifetime of fitness, teaching routines and recipes that can keep you slim for many years to come.

Guests feel like they are slipping away to another world as they sleep in thatched cabanas on a fuchsia-decorated 4-poster bed, and wake to the beautiful views of the sea. However, for those of us who can’t get to Mexico right now, we have compiled a short programme of Amansala routines that, if followed every day, could mean you never have to touch a treadmill again. The Amansala fitness teachers recommend 15 minutes of reflective journal writing a day, 1 hour walking and 10 minutes meditation in addition to the exercises, laying success rates in the ability to take pleasure in exercise, as well as writing down feelings, rather than eating them.


Yoga is said to help create an inner sense of calm as well as strengthening core muscles, meaning better posture and toned muscles. The peaceful nature of the breathing patterns, in which inhaling deeply through your nose and exhaling slowly through your mouth is key, allows for the mind to empty of negative thoughts.

There are three types of yoga; Flow yoga, Alignment Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Flow yoga, otherwise known as Ashtanga or power yoga is a series of yoga positions that flow to create a continuous dance-like movement. A powerful workout is often obtained through this type of yoga, and best suits those who prefer more active forms of exercises. Alignment yoga, or Anusara yoga, uses cushions and blankets as props, and focuses on alignment opposed to Ashtanga’s flowing movements. Hatha yoga, or Yin yoga, is the most known yoga style, placing emphasise on breathing and unlinked postures, and is the least strenuous, but most commonly practised, of the three styles.

Here are our top three yoga positions that can be easily followed in the morning to wake your muscles:

Downward Facing Dog:

With your feet hip-width apart and hands shoulder-width apart, inhale as you bend down with your palms to the floor, and then exhale as you lift up from your hips, rolling to the balls of your feet and pushing up until your legs are straight.

Forward Fold:

Lunge, exhaling as you bring your left foot forward so that your feet are touching. With your palms touching the floor, straighten your legs to a forward fold position so that your head rests at your knees.

Child’s pose:

Sitting back on your heels, fold forward to your thighs and knees so your forehead touches the floor. Your arms should be alongside your body with your palms facing up. This position should be held for a few minutes.

Circuit Training:

Circuit training may conjure up images of jumping over walls, but it’s really about firing up your metabolism and incorporating quick successions of cardio with strength-training exercises. Many of us become complacent in the gym, returning to our usual routines and although this is good for your cardiovascular system, it will cease to burn calories or add tone as the body responds physiologically to hard-working and forever-changing routines, meaning pushing yourself is the key.

In order to embrace successful circuit training, short bursts of weight-lifting-which can be done with anything from 15kg weights to soup cans, followed by heart-racing activities like skipping should be aimed for. Cross training shoes should be worn at all times in order to abstain from injuries.

You should aim for 40minutes of circuit training per session, however , we have three of our favourites below to help give you a kick start:

Tricep dips:

Sitting at the edge of a chair, place your hands at your side and palms down, gripping the edge of the seat with your fingertips. Bend your elbows and lower yourself down, straightening your arms to return to the starting position. Repeat for 1 minute.


Skipping may remind you of the playground, but this is the time in your life when physical activity was most effortless and probably at its most fun. Skipping increases your heart rate, which in turn can increase your calorie burn. If practised for 2 minutes between each cardio exercise, you’ll be awake in no time.

Dead Bug:

Lie down, with your arms and legs overhead. Lower one arm and leg 1 inch above the ground, then repeat with the opposite arm and leg. Repeat for 1 minute.

Core training:

Core training is the answer to creating perfect abs and an enviable mid-section. As well as being the force behind every beautiful bikini body, stretching the core muscles can also help posture and prevent injuries in later life. In order to impress your friends we have supplied you with details of some of the core muscles you can target through core strengthening.

Transverse abdominals- These are in spine and help keep posture erect.

Gluteal Muscles- These are your buttock muscles- great for toning for a perfectly pert bottom.

External and Internal Oblique Muscles- These allow you to twist and turn our torso. If under-exercised, these can create love-handles.

Trapezius- This stabilises your back muscles and a well-toned trapezuius can lead to great posture.

Here are three core-stretching exercises to get your body in motion. Remember to always use a mat, and you should aim to do these every other day:


With your knees hip-width apart and bent, lie on the floor with your hands interlaced behind your head, pulling your knee over your spine, drawing your left knee over your chest as you twist your right elbow toward your left knee. Then return and alternate this movement with the opposite arms and legs. This should be repeated 30 times.


Lay face down on a mat with your arms extended an inch above the ground. Contract your abs as you lift your upper body and then repeat this at a higher level, repeating 10 times whilst motioning a swimming movement with your arms.

Criss-cross abs:

Lay on your back with your right leg extended to your arm, contracting your abs as you do so. Swap legs , repeating each side 15 times.


Of course, there is a minimal effect to be gained from excising if your diet isn’t up to the job. Avoiding any food that is processed or not organic is part of Amansala’s ethos, with farm foods being a firm favourite. A slice of lemon added to water helps to detoxify the system, and of course eating a diet high in fibre is the key to the Amansala figure.

Here is a low-calorie, yet scrumptious, breakfast that will give you a kick-start of 4 grams of fibre to your day:

You will need:

4 oz of low-fat yogurt

½ large mango, diced

2 tbsp of high -fibre cereal

Spoon the yogurt over the mango and sprinkle wit cereal. Yes- it’s that simple!

And remember, just like with anything in life; a small relapse shouldn’t lead to you abandoning the exercise regime altogether. Forgetting to do your yoga one day will be less detrimental to your success than if you give up altogether. A moments pain is better than a lifetime of failure- Get exercising!