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Madonna to Launch Clothing Line

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The material girl has gone all vogue on us after teaming up with her 13-year old daughter Lourdes to design a teenage fashion range for Macy‘s in New York. Teaming up with Iconic - the brand behind Badgley and Candie’s - the star’s daughter has revealed there will be a prevalent 1980’s theme throughout the clothing range. With her recent blogs on loving 80’s styled denim shorts, it won’t be long until teenage girls across America are feeling the denim vibe. Other styles to be expected include corset tops, plaid and flannel shirts with rhinestones or lace and an eclectic mix of layering and mix and match textures. The collection is said to reflect Lourde’s bold nature, so we shouldn’t expect a collection for a wilting wallflower.
The collection hits Macy’s stores on the 3rd August 2010, so expect to hear your little sister dancing along to Madonna in her concession line outfit very soon.