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Fashion Shoot Tips: Inside the Industry

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When working on shoots there are rules i've been taught from industry greats on what to remember on set. I have compiled a list of the top ways to create the perfect shoot:

1. Models MUST wear a nude bra and thong. Ugly, I know, but an outfit is ruined when your pink frilly knickers are showing through your sheer dress

2. Safety Pins
These are your new best friends. Stylists aren't rich, and often need to keep the tags off from clothes to return them to the store, so safety pins are essential for pinning tags from out of site

3. Light shields
Of course her skin isn't naturally that glowing, light shields reflect the sun in flattering ways

4. Bronzer
To make muscles more defined, the beauty artist brushes on some bronzer around the area to give definition.

5. Bra Too Small
If your doing a glamour shoot, getting the model to wear a bra one size too small makes their cleavage appear bigger (I wouldn't recommend you try this everyday on yourself, you will get a bad back!).

6. Photoshop
Be aware; models don't always look exactly as they do in pictures. Airbrushing is used by most fashion companies!
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