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Jackie O

University Work
Lee Harvey Oswalds fatal shooting of President J.F. Kennedy in 1963 may have ended Jackie Os position as First Lady, but it certainly did not end her status as an international fashion icon.

The beginning and end of J.F.K
s presidency were also the most poignant in terms of Jackies style; the outfits she wore at his inauguration and assassination are her most famous of all. Although she revived the Halston designed pillbox hat at the inauguration, she sadly couldnt revive her husband when he was shot as his blood famously stained her suit; the most famous Chanel boxy suit ever worn.

Jackie O caused a storm as she attended her husbands inauguration with what Halston designer Natiello describes as
the American dress- a lightly fitted shift with a pillbox hat. Shops were inundated with requests for the previously unfashionable hat and thus a fashion idol was born. Even today the pillbox hat is featured as the must-have item of autumn/winter 2007; featuring in Monique Lhuillier and Marc Jacobs current collections.

Not only did Jackie influence American fashion, but even had a fashion show presented to her in Pakistan at which the audience sported her bouffant hair. Ironically, Kenneth, the hairstylist who created her bouffant look, also advised her husband
s alleged mistress Marilyn Monroe on her hairstyle.

s intrinsic cultural knowledge allowed her to ask her designer Oleg Cassini to match the colour-palette of her clothes to the countries she visited. Sunny colours we used in her clothing when she visited Mexico and her visits to India meant the colours of her clothes were based on the Mughal miniatures, famous 16th century illustrations.

Never before had a First Lady used fashion in such a political sense; she even opted for American designers Oleg Cassini and Lilly Pulitzer over the French couture designers she secretly favoured in order to maintain loyalty to her country. Not many politician
s wives are seen as so stylish; Cherie Blairs preferred designer Ronit Zilkha went bust after she declared her fondness.

Jackie gained admiration with her elegant styles; most typically her slim fitting, A-line shaped skirts, white gloves, bateau necklines, gilt-chain bags and court shoes.

However, after the death of her husband, Jackie
s wish was for privacy for herself and children after marrying shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. Thus, the Jackie O sunglasses were born. The round bug-eye glasses were used as a way of hiding from the paparazzi and can be seen on most celebrities from Patti Smith to Victoria Beckham, making Jackie Os influence more long-lasting than her husbands presidency.