LOVE and WARdrobe

Etiqueta Negra Design

Financial advisors would have quivered at the idea, but fiscally bad times didn’t stop the design brand Etiqueta Negra opening up their design house amidst the recession. From the interior of the stores, you wouldn’t even know that the world was in economical struggle at all. Decorated with vintage cars, bikes, tyres and sports equipment, it is the shopping-mans heaven. While women are wowed by chandeliers and beautiful mannequins, we can forgive men for feeling a little bored when out shopping, but with both a women swear and menswear collection, it won’t be a struggle enticing our shopping companions into Etiqueta Negra.

The CEO of the company Federivo Alvarez Castillo certainly isn’t shy of fashion knowledge, having assisted the setting-up of companies including Mango and Bowen. A history of graphic design will certainly have aided the individual décor of the shops, which started in Soho and is soon to be launched in the fashionable-cities of Paris and Milano.

The Italian brand with the Spanish name for ‘black label’ appeals to the casual side of the city-slicker. Although there is formal wear, including purple vichy shirts and dark heather and grey pinstripe suits, the polo and sportswear range is the most defining of the brand.

The up-and-coming PE 2010 collection is inspired by bien vivre, polos, vintage cars and the military. This translates into biker gear, desert boots, cargo pants and green hues. The brand manages to twist the strict formalities of the inspirations to make them modern and trendy. The ready-to-wear collection encompasses a sports ambience, with poplin shirts and grosgrain collars on the jersey polo tops as well as simple black or white tops with the brands motif.

Although the design house boasts of a casual wear appeal, be warned, with the quality of the Italian fabrics, this is one set of daywear you wouldn’t want to get dirty playing football in.