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A Shoot with Katerina Prokopova

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Seeing an advertisement for mothers and babies needed for a photo shoot, and having yet no professional photographs of my 6 month old daughter Sophia, I knew I had to make the 3 hour treak to Birmingham for her shoot.
Katerina is a photography graduate who specialises in fashion photography but is now focusing on family portraits for her portfolio.
Here I tell you more about how to shoot babies (photography terms, not literally!).
Katerina, who is originally from the Czech Republic, decided that a white background would be brilliant for capturing the strikingness of a baby. Though, babies can be hard to photograph! Not only did Sophia suck her thumb throughout, meaning half of her face was hidden, but she often looked somewhere other than the camera, so we learnt some essential baby photography tips to share with you:
1. Make sure babies are fed and not sleepy before the shoot
2. Have an assistant to jingle toys near the camera
3. Interact with your babies naturally- they are more likely to smile
4. Be quick with the lens; babies hold a pose for a split second; that's all that's needed between a great picture and the back of their heads
Katerina is a brilliant photography and has produced some outstanding fashion shoots, which can be viewed at