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Child Safety Week: Mothercare Highlights Importance Of Child Safety


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Let’s face it, we all worry about our little one hurting themselves - especially when they have learnt to crawl and walk - but many of us wouldn’t know what to do if our child was seriously hurt.

This no longer has to be the case, as Mothercare has teamed up with The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) as part of National Child Safety Week (21st-27th June), to highlight the importance of safety for children in the home or whilst out and about.
Professionals from Britax, St. Johns Ambulance, the Fire Brigade and local Health Authorities will be giving parents an armor of information in the form of risk-aversion demonstrations, identifying hazards and informing parents and carers on how to prevent and treat any accidents that may occur.

Making sure our children travel in the most comfortable way possible- physically for them, and mentally for us- Britax have held a reputation for car safety for over 4o years.

So it’s great news that Britax experts will be at numerous Mothercare stores promoting car safety and demonstrating to parents how a car seat should be fitted correctly.

Parents will be invited to drive under special outside gazebos and have their car seat expertly fitted or checked to see if it is fitted to safety standards.

First aid charity St Johns Ambulance will also be at the stores throughout Child Safety Week, providing parents with a series of short first aid sessions on how to deal with burns and scalds, minor bleeds and also how to do CPR, the recovery position and dealing with choking.

Selected stores will have members of the Fire Brigade discussing essential fire safety and Health & Safety officers advising on how to keep our children free from any dangers.

As accidents within the home are the biggest cause of injuries to children aged 0-5, Mothercare has some great savings on a whole host of safety products for around the home. Door slam stoppers (£5.99) & , Drawer and cupboard catches (£5.99), Fridge lock (£3.99) & Safety Film for glass (£19.99) and Magnet drawer/cupboard catch (£5.99) plus many more will all be on 3 for 2 promotions and savings of up to 20% off selected safety gates.